Feeding Children Everywhere


Feeding Children Everywhere is committed to providing the healthiest meals possible to those in need, children, and families around the world.  The meals are all natural with no artificial flavorings.  The formula is simple.  For every dollar received, they will package and ship four meals.  Started around a family’s dining room table, Feeding Children Everywhere has grown into a worldwide movement.


Breakfast Bites is packed with the nutrition kids need to start their day. It is all-natural and can be served hot or cold, recommended with any popular type of milk. There’s no sugar added, and the meal also passes the biggest test — it’s delicious!  The ingredients are crispy puffed brown rice, Scottish oats, dehydrated apple and nutmeg.

We carefully selected and sourced ingredients from farms right here in the United States and added salt that comes from the Himalayas, providing 84 trace vitamins and minerals. The result? A tasty vegan meal that is naturally packed with protein and fiber.  The ingredients are lentils, white rice, dehydrated vegetables and Pink Himalayan Salt.

Every time you shop a meal is donated.

$1.00 = 4 healthy meals

$10.00 = 40 healthy meals


Thank you for your purchase and for making a difference in the lives of others.

We are working together for a hunger-free world.

To learn more about Feeding Children Everywhere, their Pledge to Sustainability and their revolutionary mobile app to end hunger in America, Fed40 please visit their website